Madison, Madison County, Florida

Newspaper Abstracts

  • The New Enterprise, (Madison, Fla.), February 4, 1904, p. unk, col. 5, repeated February 11, 1904.
    The Granville Tobacco Wilt
    The North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station has issued a special bulletin (No. 188) on "The Granville Tobacco Wilt," the destructive disease which played such havoc in Granville last summer. The authors are Professors F. L. Stevens and W. G. Sackett. All interest tobacco growers should obtain and read the bulletin in full, but for the benefit of the general public we reprint here the general conclusions of Messrs. Stevens and Sacket:
    "The tobacco wilt is a very serious enemy which not only injures the crop, but also depreciates the value of the land affected, insomuch as it prohibits the growing of tobacco in the affected soils.
    "It is a contagious disease spreading largely through the infected soil.
    "There is little hope of restoring land that is once affected. The utmost care should be taken therefore to prevent the spreading of the germ by means of infected tools or by any means.
    "The number of germs should be diminished by cleaning up old fields and by burning all diseased plants in slightly affected fields as soon as they are discovered.
    "The geatest hope for the redemption of the land now affected lies in the development of a variety of tobacco that can resist the disease.""
  • The New Enterprise, (Madison, Fla.), February 9, 1905, p. 1, col. 1.
    "Consul General Gudger at Panama cabled the navy department today as follows:
    "Sackett (paymaster) better, Lehey (lieutenant) convalescent. Others improving.""

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