Volusia County, Florida

Newspaper Abstracts



  • The Daytona Gazette-News, (Daytona, Fla.), March 8, 1902, p. 1, col. 5.
    "Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Sackett and Dr. Worley, of St. Augustine, were in Daytona Thursday and were entertained and shown the city by Major C. M. Bingham."
    [Gen. John Warren Sackett (1860–1918)]
  • The Daytona Gazette-News (Daytona, Fla.) October 17, 1903, page unk, col. 2.
    "Guy W. Sackett, of St. Augustine, was in Daytona last Sunday, the guest of Geo. S. Adams, at Schmidt's Villa. Mr. Sackett is the son of Col. J. W. Sackett of the First Regiment, Florida State Troops."
    [Guy Woodford Sackett (1865–1984)]
    [Gen. John Warren Sackett (1860–1918)]
  • The Daytona Gazette-News (Daytona, Fla.) October 22, 1904, page unk, col. 1.
    "Guy D. Sackett, of Palatka, was (a g)uest of Geo. S. Adams at this (illigible) Sunday."
    [Guy Woodford Sackett (1885–1984)]
  • The Daytona Gazette-News (Daytona, Fla.) March 3, 1906, page unk, col. 6.
    Colonel Sackett Succeeds Him.—H. B. Yarborough Commissioned Second Lieutenant and Quartermaster.
    At his own request, General Charles P. Lovell, commanding the First Brigade, Florida State Troops, the ranking line officer has retired.
    Colonel John W. Sackett, commanding the First Regiment of Infantry, has been appointed brigadier general to succeed General Lovell.
    [Gen. John Warren Sackett (1860–1918)]
  • The Daytona Daily News, (Daytona, Fla.), March 23, 1909, Morning Edition, p. 1, col. 2.
    Yesterday morning an old gentleman by the name of J. M. Sackett, who some time ago came to Daytona Beach, and registered from Lowville, N. Y., became suddenly prostrated and now lies in a critical condition.
    The unfortunate old gentleman has been brought to Dr Klock's Hospital and Sanitarium, but little hope of his recovery is entertained.
    He seems to have been alone, and so far no one has been found who knows anything of his family or his relatives back in New York.
    In the meantime the stricken man is receiving the best possible care, and there will be no want of attention. He was boarding at the White House when the collapse came."


  • The DeLand Weekly News, (DeLand, Fla.), December 21, 1906, p. unk, col. 3.
    "Local and Personal Briefs
    Rev. John N. Sackett and wife, of Pen Yann, N. Y., are located in the Patton cottage."

Website Library of Congress, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/). (Researched & transcribed by Michael Trickey).