Onondaga County, New York

Newspaper Abstracts

  • Daily Standard, Syracuse, New York, Friday Morning, Dec. 12, 1851
    The Yankee Card Writer.
    In our paper of yesterday morning we briefly announced the arrival of that erratic genius the "Yankee Card-Writer." He occupies rooms at the Globe, where he will be happy to see ladies and gentlemen who desire elegant wedding or visiting cards.
    A card case filled with tasteful and elegant visiting cards are an almost indispensable requisite to a lady or gentleman, and no one who mingles in refined society should be without them. Those written by the "Yankee Card-Writer" are quite equal in elegance and beauty to the finest engraving, and possess the important additional qualification of being the most fashionable style now in use. He will remain in the city but a short time, and those who desire to have their card cases filled with a beautiful article will do well to call soon. Specimens of his cards may be seen at the bookstore of L. W. Hall.
    [Orsemus Sackett]
    [Kari Roehl, Mar 2011]
  • Syracuse Daily Courier, Syracuse, New York, April 3, 1857
    "DESERVED IT—Sackett, the impudent puppy who styles himself the "Yankee Card Writer," and is most unfavorably known in this locality, was horse-whipped in New Orleans last week for insulting a lady, and made to leave town for the same offence. He deserved all he got."
    [Orsemus Sackett]
    [Kari Roehl, Mar 2011]
  • The Syracuse Standard, Syracuse, New York, Wednesday, March 11, 1891, p. 7, col. 2.
    "The People of the State of New York. By the Grace of God free and Independent. To Harry Howard and Delia Howard, severally of Watkins, N.Y.; Harry Sackett and Marvin Sackett, severally of New Lebanon, N.Y.; Abigail Ketchum of Fair Haven, Vermont; Solon P. Sackett of Ithaca, N.Y.; Mary E. Miller of Farmer Village, N.Y.; Clark Sackett of Bennettsburg, N.Y.; Buell Sackett of Havana, N.Y.; Sarah Haight of West Lebanon, N.Y.; Delia Davis, Esther Sackett and Mary Drownes, severally of Eash Chatham, N.Y.; Sophronia Sackett and Charlotte Sackett, severally of Hudson, N.Y.; Norman B. Sackett of Mendota, Illinois, Roxana Becker of Trumanburg, N.Y.; Mary Sackett of Burdette, N.Y.; John B. Sackett, David A. Sackett, Alonzo Sackett, Nathan C. Sackett and Sarah Z. Givens, whose several places of residence are unknown and cannot after dilligent inquiry for that purpose be ascertained, and to all persons interested in the estate of Harry Sackett, late of the town of Manhus, in the county of Onondaga, New York, deceased, either as creditors, legatees, next of kin or otherwise, send greeting: You, and each of you, are hereby cited to appear before George R. Cook, Surrogate of the County of Onondaga, New York, at his office in the city of Syracuse, in said county, on the 28d day of April, 1891, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day then and there to attend the final judicial settlement of the accounts of Solon P. Sackett and Francis B. Gill as administrators with the will [---] of the estate of Harry Sackett, deceased, and then and there to show cause why said Solon P. Sackett and Francis B. Gill should not be permitted to resign their trust as such administrators of the estate of said deceased; and if any of the aforesaid persons, so interested in the estate of said deceased, are under the age of twenty-one years, they will please take notice that they are required to appear by their general guardian, if they have one, or if they have none, that they appear and apply for the appointment of a special guardian, or in the event of their neglect or failure to do so, a special guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for them in the proceeding. The personal property remaining in the hands of said administrators will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder at the Surrogate's office in the city of Syracuse at the time stated above.
    Given under the hand and seal of office of said Surrogate, at Syracuse, in the county of Onondaga, this 9th day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety one.
    George R. Cook, Surrogate."
    [Testator: Henry C Sackett (1805–1886, son of Major Buell Sackett]
    [Jeanette Otis, Jan 2012]
  • Syracuse Herald-Journal, Syracuse, New York, Monday, April 8, 1940, p. 22, 1st column near top
    The body of Mrs. Frances D. Sackett of Geneseo, who died Sunday at the home of her son, John V. Sackett, 161 Hope Avenue, was taken to Geneseo by Frank C. Snyder, funeral director, and the funeral will be held there at 2 P.M. Tuesday. The Rev. Joseph Sunter of Geneseo Presbyterian Church will officiate and burial will be in Scottsburg. Besides her son, who is head of the music department at Nottingham High School, Mrs. Sackett is survived by her husband, Leonard M. Sackett, and two other sons, Leland D. and John Sackett of Geneseo; a sister, Miss F. Elizabeth Dunn of Syracuse, and a brother, Benjamin H. Dunn of Albany."
    [Peg Eddy, Oct 2012]

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