Orange County, New York

Newspaper Abstracts

  • New York Gazette, Orange County, New York, August 3 1752.
    "Mine Found in Orange County
    Johannes CLOSSON, formerly a workman of Mr. SCHUYLER's, about eleven years ago, came to me, and told me that he had found a mine on my land above the Highlands, at a place called Blooming-Grove, lying between Goshen and the river, in Orange County, where my eldest son Joseph SACKET, Jun. now lives. I made him several offers. He said it would not do, but if I would give him a lease for a term of years, he would carry it on at his own cost, and deliver me one half at the pit's mouth, and come to work in 6 or 8 month's time, and told me the ore was as good as Mr. SCHUYLER's. But he died before the time he was to come. About 4 years ago, I heard his widow made enquiry after a SACKET on Long Island, I went over to her, she said her husband had been dead 7 years, but he told her that on one SACKET's land, above the Highlands, on the west side of the river, he had found a mine, and that he dug very shallow, and could heave it out by bushels, but he covered it up carefully, and that it was near by a spring, and not far from a brook. The was an elderly Dutchman present then, and he said he had often evenings and mornings conversed with him, and he said he had often told him the same thing, and heard him say, if he had his leave, and lived 7 years, he should be a gentleman. Now if any person can discover the vein of ore, if it is on my lands, he shall have out of the first clear profits, 300 l., or he shall have it for a term of years, as CLOSSON was to have it, or he shall have the 8th part of it for ever, as witness my hand, July 27, 1752.
    Joseph SACKET"

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